Beautiful Billy Liddell hand painted figure

RCL Sporting Ceramic Icons have launched their latest sporting figure which is of the one and only Billy Liddell. This limited edition fine bone china figure stands ten inches high, is hand painted, the base has a marble effect finish, and the scroll is printed with Billy's statistics for Liverpool.

RCL Sporting Ceramic Icons produce fine bone china figures in the finest traditions of the old Royal Worcester works. These are top quality products, hand painted and signed by famous ex-Royal Worcester artists.

Phyllis Liddell, Billy's widow, was presented in March 2009 with Billy's wonderful statuette
made by RCL Sporting Ceramic Icons. Photo courtesy of Alan Colquhoun.

King Billy quote

"In 1936 my father's wage, as a mineworker was £2 5s a week. We lived in the mining village of Townhill near Dunfermilne. Life was pretty tough, and the family's main diet was porridge (with salt, of course), Scotch broth (kait we called it) and bread. Plenty of bread."

Billy Liddell on his upbringing in Scotland

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